Paper Board Used For Write
Paper Board Used For Write
        Breed:Gray Paper Board, White Paper Board, Black Paper Board,
Thickness:3.5mm 5mm 5.5mm 6mm 10mm
        Specification: The normal size 3.5mm*910mm*2250mm, 5mm*900mm*2400mm, 5mm*1200mm*2400mm
        Feature: in the middle of this series of product is elastic foam. The two sides is shck and soft high quality paper layer. We have white or black inner core with different outlay. We can also make other colors according to the guests demand, in silk and net printing, you can get uniquely cover and fast dryness. It is appropriate for Latex Paint, Oleaginous Paint, Water Quality Paint or Crylic Acid Paint. You can use any foils, printing paper, silk-screen poster, textile and digital print on Paper Board. without any strain. This kinds of Paper Board is specially fit for advertising write. If you use our appointed products, we can guarantec that the froth will not produced.
        The main use: Advertisement Write. Frame. Package for alcohol box and gifts. Plane Model, Exhibit, Sign, architecture model, ornament ,POP Advertisement.
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